Why And When To Avoid Taking Dairy Products

Why and when to avoid taking dairy products?

All indispensable components of dairy products, beginning with calcium, can be obtained by eating other foods. Fruits and vegetables contribute to significant calcium intakes.
Are You Intolerant To Lactose

Are you intolerant to lactose?

Many of us do not digest lactose, the sugar in cow’s milk, after the age of 3 years. This is the norm in the human species. How to know if a person is intolerant to lactose?
Cows Milk Vs Sheeps Milk Or Goat Milk

Cow’s milk versus sheep milk or goat milk

Cow’s milk and its derivatives have an impact on our health, on our cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Many scientific reports agree on osteoporosis records in countries consuming a lot of cow’s milk.