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Milks and Health

Milks and Health is an online independent website that focuses on the relationship between different types of animal and vegetable milks as well as health. The website welcomes original investigations, reviews, and meta-analyses, protocols, commentaries, hypotheses and case studies on current topics relating to the full spectrum of the effects of milks and nutrition on health and disease. The focus of the website is based on human nutrition based on scientific studies. Milks and Health will consider the publication of studies showing negative and non-findings on an equal basis with those studies showing positive findings.

The website also seeks to raise awareness of the interrelationship between nutrition, milks and health for improving health across the lifespan and to demonstrate how healthcare outcomes and policies can be improved with the adoption of a more nutrition-oriented approach. In this way Milks and Health aspires to provide an invaluable resource all people interested in milks and nutrition studies related to this topic.

Milks and Health collects, analyzes and puts into perspective the results of several scientific and medical studies. We provide to the general public innovative and original information, in the areas of health, nutrition and prevention. We want to send the right information to the greatest number of people. We strive to make clear editorial content, useful and stimulating information to provide to all interesting information to all regarding animal and vegetable milks as well as their interaction with the body.